Spotlight on Soxsies: Award winning 2 in 1 baby leggings are live on Cress!

Spotlight on Soxsies Baby Leggings

Get to know Soxsies, the newest seller be retail their sustainable children’s products on Cress! Founded by Tash, a mummy of four, she created Soxsies. Wanting to reflect every part of modern life and as such you have the ease and flexibility to wear the leggings with or without the socks with no compromise on the look or feel. Read our Spotlight on Soxsies with Tash

Q: Why have you decided to join Cress?

“We love the initiatives of Cress as well as their mission on helping to reduce waste within an area of fashion which can be so disposable. If we can help preserve the planet for our little ones, and someone offers you an easy way into that path, you should grab it with both hands, that’s what Cress offers. Clothing has room to carry stories from lots of people, if we let it!”

Q: Do you have any great feedback or memories of children using your products? A:

“Still my proudest moment has been doing the nursery drop off and seeing my Soxsies on a little one and actually realising they were the Soxsies I’d designed with Bowie’s name on the print. It was a full circle moment for the brand realising I created a product, that’s loved by parents and that actually helps a common problem and makes things easier as a caregiver. And it was also an emotional, personal moment for myself, realising how far I’ve come on the grieving journey since 2021. And that’s why i’d urge everyone to buy from small business, because most, have a story and message that sits alongside them and that’s something magical.”

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“From fabric selection to a design that has a sustainability at its core, I wanted to be inclusive and to reflect our Soxsies values of being comfy and being yourself. And in an economy where family finances are stretched I wanted to design a piece of clothing that offered longevity.

As such you’ll find colourful prints, sitting alongside the more subtle colours and solids. The point being that life as a parent isn’t just one thing, but in fact, lots of things, all at the same time.

The Soxsies collection is for the everyday family, whatever size or shape that comes in, it’s for everyone.”

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