Expand your audience!
If parents have their outgrown clothes to donate to your PTA, sell them on Cress to expand your reach to the whole of the UK and beyond your local community.

How PTA Selling Works

We'll do it for you

The Golden Service – Designed for donations & general items.

Collect clothes, whether its a monthly collection or a collection basket at school reception. Send us all of the items that you would like us to upload to your Golden Service shop and we will do the hard work. We’ll take care of all of the uploading, customer enquiries and selling while you sit back and receive 60% of each sale when it happens.

Do it yourself

You're in full control. DIY – Branded & unbranded uniform for easy local pickup.

You can also upload to your own PTA shop yourself. Take in uniform donations from parents at school. You can then simply take pictures, upload and send or arrange collection for items with to customers when they sell. With this method you will keep 100% of each sale, no hidden fees – we take care of processing fees etc.

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