Can't find the answer your looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

    • Who are you and how are you different from other marketplaces?

      Because we’re better dressed. Really. We’re not some big corporate business. We’re here to create a social marketplace where people can save and make money and reduce the impact of fashion on our planet. Recycled clothes with a cause.

    • How do I set up a profile?

      Click the ‘become a vendor’ button in the top right hand corner of the homepage or the burger menu on mobile. This will open the account page, where you have the option to sign in or sign up. If you’ve not got an account yet just follow the steps entering your email address and creating a secure password. Once you’ve done that, you can add a photo and a bio. You can also add information about your family, little ones and shop info!

    • How do I sell an item?

      You can start selling once you’ve set up your profile. Add an item for sale by following the steps in your profile, adding photos and answering some questions. Once your listing is live, other community members will be able to find your item, ask questions and buy from you. We take 20% commission, which is inclusive of all fees (no hidden charges!), and the rest is yours to keep! 

      Read our handy top tips for sellers , including how to take great photos!

    • How do I buy products?

      We’ve set up the website so you can search and filter to find the exact products you’d like. When you visit the shop page, you’ll be able to use the filters on the left hand side of the page to filter down by gender, age, occasion, product type, condition and colour. You can also click on the seller’s profiles to see their ratings from previous sales or give them a follow and message.

    • What items can I sell?


      You can sell any kids clothing on Cress. We will be adding other children’s items such as toys and baby accessories in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled!


      We have condition options for you to choose from when listing your items.

      • Brand new with tags
      • Like new
      • Used, Excellent
      • Used, Good
      • Used, fair. 


      Couple of tips. Whenever you upload an item, ask yourself ‘Is this in a condition that I’d happily buy myself?’, try to be as accurate as possible, and if there’s any imperfections – rips, stains, general wear and tear – make it obvious in the item’s description and photos.

      People don’t mind imperfections when they know about them, so make even the little ones known. If you don’t, we may have to refund the item, which no one wants!

      Branded Items

      You can sell any brand on Cress, but have a think about what you’re selling and whether people will be willing to buy it. Some cheaper brands, such as supermarket brands, may not attract a price that you’re looking for, but may be more attractive when uploaded as a bundle of multiple items.

    • What if my item isn't selling?

      If your item isn’t selling, but it’s still in good condition, don’t give up and throw it in the bin. This adds to landfill and this is an issue that we are really trying to fight back against. You could first try lowering the price and if that doesn’t work, you can donate it to our charity page where we will donate the proceeds of the sale to our nominated charity. This is the easiest way to get rid of any outgrown clothing that is just sitting there and to keep the pre-loved cycle going.

    • How do I take eye-catching photos?

      We’ve got you covered. Check out our top tips on how to take great product photos here [insert link to blog post]. As a quick guide though, make sure your photos are on a plain background, have good lighting, include the full item and show any imperfections. And make sure to take plenty of photos to show your item from all angles.

    • How do I price my item?

      That’s difficult for us to say, but we do have some tips. Firstly, see if there are any similar items listed on Cress. This will give you a ballpark pricing guide. Take the condition and age of the item into consideration and list the item at a price that you are happy with. Have a think about whether you would be happy to buy the item for that price yourself and if it’s not selling, you may need to consider listing it for a little less.

    • How do I create a bundle listing?

      Super easy. When you create your product description, include all of the items that are for sale in the bundle, with images of each one, and make sure that the main and first image is a photo of all the products together. 

      Then, when you’re selecting a product category, you can select multiple categories that cover all of the items included. But make sure that you also select the bundles category. 


      Finally, name your listing accurately. For example:  BUNDLE: 3 x John Lewis Baby Sun Hats, 6-12 months. 

      So ‘BUNDLE: number of items / brand & item / age’

    • What do I need to do when I get a notification that my item has been sold?

      You’ll need to package up & send your product. You’ll find the shipping information in your confirmation of sale email or in your inbox under sales. If you’re using Evri or Royal Mail Click & Drop, you’ll have a label you can stick on.


      We recommend that you send the item as soon as possible (within a week is ideal) and communicate with your buyer as you go. Once you’ve sent the item, contact the buyer to let them know and give them a tracking number if you can.

    • How do I let the buyer know that their parcel is on the way?

      Once you’ve sent your item, log into your account, go to inbox > sales and open the message thread related to the sale. From there, you can let the buyer know their parcel is on the way to its new home (and try to add tracking information if you can).  That’s it!

    • How do I take eye-catching photos?

      Want to know how to take eye-catching photos? We’ve got you covered, check out our top tips on how to take great product photos here [insert link to blog post]. As a quick guide though, make sure your photos are on a plain background, have ample lighting, include the full item, and show any imperfections. Make sure to take plenty of photos to show your item from all angles.

    • How do I price my item?

      This isn’t an easy question to answer, here are a few tips. Check out if there are any similar items listed on Cress, this will give you a ballpark pricing guide. Take the condition and age of the item into consideration and list the item at a price that you are happy with. Have a think about whether you would be happy to buy the item for that price yourself and if it’s not selling, you may need to consider listing it for a little less.

    • How do I create a bundle?

      Do you want to offer a bunch of products in one listing? Then you need to create a bundle listing. This is super easy, just make sure that your product description includes all of the items that are for sale in that bundle and images of each item (make sure that your main and 1st image is all of the products together). When selecting product categories, you can select multiple categories that cover all of the items included and make sure that you also select the bundles category. This will make your bundle easy for buyers to find. Finally name your listing accurately and clearly for example:  BUNDLE: 3 x John Lewis Baby Sun hats, 6-12 months. Try to keep that format as it’s easy for customers to identify – ‘BUNDLE: number  of items / brand & item/ age’.

    • How much do I come away with and are there any hidden fees?

      You take 80% of your sale and we keep 20%,That includes our payment processor fees. That 20% can then go back towards finding new buyers for you and the upkeep of our fab website along with a few other boring bits!

    • What is Stripe?

      Similar to PayPal, Stripe is a payment processing platform for e-commerce. It is one of the leading payment providers globally that you’ve probably used loads in the past when buying online. It holds the highest level of certification available in the payments industry for security (PCI Service Provider Level 1).

    • I love it, how do I buy it?

      When you are on the Cress homepage, you can either click buy (which will take you to a broad shop page) or you can click ‘boys, girls or unisex’ to start your filtering journey. This will take you to a pre-filtered shop page with all of the clothing from the gender that you have chosen. From there you can further filter using the options on the right hand side of the page (or drop down on mobile). You can filter by age, occasion, colour, season, condition and much more. 

      When you have found an item that you love, when you click ‘buy’ you’ll be asked to set up a profile which is super easy and gives you a way to communicate with the seller and keep a track of your purchased items, it also allows you to sell the item on when your child has grown out of it to keep the pre-loved circle going!

      When you have a profile you’ll just need to checkout by entering shipping address – for the seller to post your item to – and your payment info (using our payment provider Stripe – you can read more about Stripe (https://stripe.com/gb). And that’s it.. You have joined the circular fashion movement by purchasing on Cress!

    • What form of payment do you accept?

      We accept Mastercard, Visa and Apple Pay.

    • Where's my item?

      If you haven’t seen any sign of your item, hop onto your account and use the tracking info that the seller has provided to see how far along its journey your parcel is. If there isn’t any tracking info, give the seller a kind message for an update. We are all busy parents leading busy lives, we’re not Amazon so please have a little grace in the timings of delivery and work with each other kindly. If you are having and issue with a seller that isn’t being helpful, contact us and we’ll resolve the issue for you.

    • I’ve got a problem or complaint

      If you’ve got a problem or complaint regarding an item you’re buying, nine times out of ten this can be resolved by giving the seller a message, remember we’re all parents, guardians or family in a similar boat in the Cress community. If you aren’t getting a solution from the seller, or you have an issue with Cress contact us at info@wearecress.com

    • How much does it cost to sell on Cress?

      We have no hidden charges. We take a 20% commission on all sales which goes towards improving our site, the buyer and seller experience and towards getting the right people online that are looking to purchase your item. 


      We also offer a Cress Golden service where you can send us a big box or bag of your items and we will take care of the photography, description, uploading, customer queries and posting of your items. What a time saver! For this service you keep 60% of the sale.

    • Why do you charge a fee?

      Our fee covers the cost of running and improving our marketplace/website. This includes getting more amazing buyers and sellers onto the platform building our Cress community. This allows us to create a pre-loved marketplace that feels like shopping new.

    • When should I ship my sold items?

      We recommend that you ship your item as soon as it is sold, within 48 hours of the sale is good practice. This is the best way to keep buyers happy, make them return to your store and to avoid negative feedback. Mark the item as dispatched on Cress as soon as you have sent it.

    • Which shipping provider should I use?

      We recommend using either Royal Mail or Evri (formally My Hermes). Royal Mail are extremely reliable and post offices relatively accessible to most people. Their success rate for delivery is extremely high and when your buyer is not home, the parcel will be sent to the local depot for them to collect. We recommend that you use their tracked service, although it costs a little more, it gives everyone peace of mind. 


      Evri is also a great option as all of their shipping is tracked and it is a low cost option. Buyers also have the option to have their parcel delivered to a local parcel shop if they are not in. As the seller, drop off parcel shops everywhere and if you use a parcel shop you don’t need a printer. You can also have your parcel collected from your house for an extra fee although you need a printer for this service. 

    • What is the golden Service?

      The Golden Service is a service that we offer for busy parents that don’t have the time to upload and photograph items, respond to customer questions and post their parcels. All that you need to do is give us a message by on info@wearecress.com to start the chat. Empty your kids’ wardrobes, pop the clothing into a box or bag and post it to us. We’ll take care of the rest and you’ll receive 60% of each sale whenever an item sells. 

      Click here for more info on the Golden Service.

    • Do you accept footwear?

      Yes we accept all types of children’s footwear.

    • Is it free of charge?

      The Golden Service is free to use. You will need to pay to send your items to us but that is your only expense.

    • How much of each sale do you take and what are the hidden fees?

      When an item of your clothing sells via the Golden Service,  you will automatically receive 60% of the sale price into your bank account a couple of day later. There are no hidden fees, our commission covers all bank charges, logistics and marketing costs.

    • What if an item doesn't sell?

      We constantly review items and may slightly change pricing of items at any time. After 6 months of having items unsold, we will do a full review. This means that we may need to change the items price, add it to a bundle or relist. If the item still has no traction, we will then look to either donate the item to a family in need or recycling scheme or send the item back to you.

    • How do you decide prices?

      Prices are decided on factors such as; condition, original RRP, demand and the going market rate across the rest of the internet.

    • Who decides on how items are bundled?

      Items that are bundled tend to be smaller lower value items such as baby bodysuits or sleepsuits or t-shirts. This makes the listing more appealing to potential buyers.