our values

  1. create a community
  2. reduce waste
  3. extend the life of kids products
  4. save and make money
  5. shop sustainably

Our Mission

At Cress, our primary mission is to build a thriving community of parents providing a trusted service to buy and sell sustainably. Community drives everything we do, and so we are incredibly proud of our initiatives that sit alongside our business. We work from the ground up, working with local communities, schools and clubs to benefit children and families. You can read more about our initiatives Here


What Sets Us Apart

Cress differentiates itself through its hassle free approach. On one hand, we serve as a marketplace for preloved children’s items, allowing parents to buy and sell gently-used items, thereby extending the lifespan of products and reducing waste. On the other hand, we partner with local businesses to introduce sustainable new products into the market, shining a light on incredible small businesses across the UK. Cress also creates a service for the busy parent, a demographic often overlooked, with our golden service, offering a done-for-you approach. You send us your items, and we do the rest! Read more about our golden service here