What is golden service?

It’s how we make your lives easier.

We know how busy you are and that finding the time to sell your kids clothes may seem near impossible. It’s not that you don’t want to. It’s that, if you had time to sort it, you’d probably rather spend it doing something else.  So, we’re here to help. 

Just send us a box of your kid’s pre-loved clothes and we’ll take care of steaming, photographing, uploading, answering customer questions and posting out your sold items. 

how it works

  • Empty your kids’ wardrobe of the unwanted items and box or bag them up, ready to send to us.
  • Contact us on info@wearecress.com to arrange your postage bag. 
  • Send your items to us.
  • We will prepare, professionally photograph and upload your products, respond to buyer questions and take care of the postage.
  • Once the item sells, you will receive 60% of the sale straight into your bank account.

why it works

Because you need to clear out the cupboards, but it feels like it’s never going to make it to the top of the to-do list. And because you know you’re probably sat on a pre-loved goldmine, but taking pics, uploading and posting out feels like a full time job (and you already have a few of them). So this is the easy way to make space, earn money, and do your bit for the planet, without taking on another task list. Phew.

Free books?

Free books for kids? Yeah that’s right!

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 children in the UK leave primary school unable to read fluently?

We are launching our Book Club to encourage literacy and help children develop their reading skills.

Whenever someone sells an item of clothing through our Golden Service, we will include a free book along with the sale.

The book will be hand-selected by our team and appropriate for the age range of the child.

benefits of golden service

tidy up

Buy, swap and sell your kids’ outgrown clothes. They don’t need them, you don’t want them, someone else is going to love them. Pre-loved makes the world go round.

earn & save

You don’t need us to tell you about the cost of living crisis. Times are tough for everyone. It’s one of the reasons we started Cress, to make challenging times just a little bit easier for parents. 

impact the planet

You can do your bit to make the world a better place. More than 183 million pieces of kids’ clothes hit landfill each year. The best time to do something about that was years ago. The second best time is today.

Golden Service

  • What is the golden Service?

    The Golden Service is a service that we offer for busy parents that don’t have the time to upload and photograph items, respond to customer questions and post their parcels. All that you need to do is give us a message by on info@wearecress.com to start the chat. Empty your kids’ wardrobes, pop the clothing into a box or bag and post it to us. We’ll take care of the rest and you’ll receive 60% of each sale whenever an item sells. 

    Click here for more info on the Golden Service.

  • Do you accept footwear?

    Yes we accept all types of children’s footwear.

  • Is it free of charge?

    The Golden Service is free to use. You will need to pay to send your items to us but that is your only expense.

  • How much of each sale do you take and what are the hidden fees?

    When an item of your clothing sells via the Golden Service,  you will automatically receive 60% of the sale price into your bank account a couple of day later. There are no hidden fees, our commission covers all bank charges, logistics and marketing costs.

  • What if an item doesn't sell?

    We constantly review items and may slightly change pricing of items at any time. After 6 months of having items unsold, we will do a full review. This means that we may need to change the items price, add it to a bundle or relist. If the item still has no traction, we will then look to either donate the item to a family in need or recycling scheme or send the item back to you.

  • How do you decide prices?

    Prices are decided on factors such as; condition, original RRP, demand and the going market rate across the rest of the internet.

  • Who decides on how items are bundled?

    Items that are bundled tend to be smaller lower value items such as baby bodysuits or sleepsuits or t-shirts. This makes the listing more appealing to potential buyers.