sustainable shopping and selling, at last.

From August 2023 Cress is welcoming Sustainable New Sellers to come onboard and sell via our platform.

Why cress?

🛍️ Competitive selling fees

🌱 A company that cares – see initiatives (link) 

💖Seller support – we’re a small team but always on hand to talk to you

💫Cress marketing and promos – Be front and centre in our online and in person advertising

🌍 Like Minded community or buyers and sellers

What is Sustainable-New?

Cress Sustainable-New is an online marketplace for all sustainable and eco-friendly kids clothing brands and products. We partner with sustainable UK brands making it easier to find plastic-free and sustainable alternatives to fast fashion.

Sustainability Categories

At Cress, we have three levels of criteria to define our sustainable-new sellers. So you know that you have peace of mind when shopping on Cress.

Category A (Most Sustainable):

– Made from 100% recycled or renewable materials like FSC wood or GOTS organic cotton ♻️
– The manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy sources💡
– Products are packaged using no more than 10% of the product’s weight in packaging material 📦
– Packaging is made from 100% recycled or biodegradable materials 🌱
– The product is designed to have a minimum lifespan of 5 years 👗
– The product is certified under recognised labour standards, such as Fairtrade 🕔
– Low carbon footprint during transportation (30% below industry average) 🌍

Category B:

– Made from mostly recycled or renewable materials (70%) ♻️
– Moderate energy efficiency during production (CO2 emissions reduced by 30%) 💡
– Packaging designed to reduce waste (20% product weight) 📦
– Durable and repairable (minimum lifespan of 4 years) 👗
– Fair labour practices (compliance with UK labour laws) 🕔
– Moderate carbon footprint during transportation (10% below industry average) 🌍

Category C:

– Contains some recycled or renewable materials (40%) ♻️
– Average energy efficiency in production (CO2 emissions reduced by 15%) 💡
– Packaging with efforts to reduce waste (30% product weight) 📦
– Reasonable durability and repairability (minimum lifespan of 3 years) 👗
– Ethical labour standards (adherence to UK labour laws) 🕔
– Moderate carbon footprint during transportation (5% below industry average) 🌍

Getting Started

  • Who are you and how are you different from other marketplaces?

    Because we’re better dressed. Really. We’re not some big corporate business. We’re here to create a social marketplace where people can save and make money and reduce the impact of fashion on our planet. Recycled clothes with a cause.

  • How do I set up a profile?

    Click the ‘become a vendor’ button in the top right hand corner of the homepage or the burger menu on mobile. This will open the account page, where you have the option to sign in or sign up. If you’ve not got an account yet just follow the steps entering your email address and creating a secure password. Once you’ve done that, you can add a photo and a bio. You can also add information about your family, little ones and shop info!

  • How do I sell an item?

    You can start selling once you’ve set up your profile. Add an item for sale by following the steps in your profile, adding photos and answering some questions. Once your listing is live, other community members will be able to find your item, ask questions and buy from you. We take 20% commission, which is inclusive of all fees (no hidden charges!), and the rest is yours to keep! 

    Read our handy top tips for sellers , including how to take great photos!

  • How do I buy products?

    We’ve set up the website so you can search and filter to find the exact products you’d like. When you visit the shop page, you’ll be able to use the filters on the left hand side of the page to filter down by gender, age, occasion, product type, condition and colour. You can also click on the seller’s profiles to see their ratings from previous sales or give them a follow and message.