Dedicated PTA Partnerships

We’re giving parents what they want and need with PTA Partnerships at Cress, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in both the environment and our local community. By partnering with PTA’s across the country we’re helping PTA’s raise funds and helping parents to help parents.

Why partner your PTA with Cress?

  • Expand your audience! – If parents have their outgrown clothes to donate to your PTA, sell them on Cress to expand your reach to the whole of the UK and beyond your local community.
  • The done for you approach – If you don’t have time to upload, deal with enquiries and send the items that you have for sale. Send them to us and we can do that for you. Ask us about out PTA Golden Service.
  • Help parents to help parents – By selling preloved items on Cress, you are helping parents across the country gain access to items that they may not usually have access to or be able to afford brand new.
  • Created by parents – Our founders are parents and that is the reason that Cress exists. Cress was created to give parents more than just what they want but with they need.

How to upload

  • There are 2 ways to upload clothes to your PTA Cress Shop.
  • The Golden Service – Send us all of the items that you would like us to upload to your Golden Service shop and we will do the hard work. We’ll take care of all of the uploading, customer enquiries and selling while you sit back and receive 60% of each sale when it happens
  • DIY – You can also upload to your own PTA shop yourself. You can simply take pictures, upload and send your items to customers when they sell. With this method you will get 80% of each sale, no hidden fees – we take care of processing fees etc.
  • Don’t forget that if you are using our Golden Service, you can sell school uniform and keep 100% of the sale, we will forgo our commission and take care of any fees such as payment processing fees for you.