Lets not waste good kids items

Sell clothes that still have more to give

Being a mummy of four, founder Tash understands that life can be hectic, loud and is always full of emotion from one day to the next. Full of late nights (or early mornings), play dates, appointments and even holidays.  In designing our Soxsies I wanted to reflect every part of modern life and as such you have the ease and flexibility to wear the leggings with or without the socks with no compromise on the look or feel.

From fabric selection to a design that has a sustainability at its core, I wanted to be inclusive and to reflect our Soxsies values of being comfy and being yourself. And in an economy where family finances are stretched I wanted to design a piece of clothing that offered longevity.

As such you’ll find colourful prints, sitting alongside the more subtle colours and solids. The point being that life as a parent isn’t just one thing, but in fact, lots of things, all at the same time.

The Soxsies collection is for the everyday family, whatever size or shape that comes in, it’s for everyone.