A-Z Alphabet Underwater World Flash Cards

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Learn about the wonderful creatures in the sea with these A-Z Aquatic Flash Cards available in A6 (4×6” approx.).  Set of 26 cards with illustration on one side and facts on the other. Illustrations are prints of my original watercolour paintings.

Each letter in the English alphabet is represented by a sweet little watercolour painting. Perfect for educational play and toddler learning. Or just hang them on the wall in the nursery for decoration and learning. Great gifts for toddlers and older children.


Double sided: Printed on laminated 400 gsm. paper, each card has prints on both sides – one with the alphabet and the fish, the other with few interesting facts about the fish.

Child-safe and Eco-Friendly: Rounded corners are safe for little hands. This card set (including packaging) is plastic-free and is made in the UK with locally sourced, eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Printed on acid-free premium paper.

Meet our friendly sea creatures:
a – Angelfish
b – Barracuda
c – Crab
d – Dolphin
e – Eel
f – Flying Fish
g – Great White Shark
h – Hammerhead Shark
i – Icefish
j – Jellyfish
k – Killer Whale
l – Lobster
m – Mola-Mola (Sunfish)
n – Narwhal
o – Octopus
p – Pufferfish
q – Queen Parrotfish
r – Rainbow Parrotfish
s – Seahorse
t – Turtle
u – Urchin
v – Viperfish
w – Whale
x – X-Ray Fish
y – Yellowfin Tuna
z – Zebra Turkey fish


Each set of 26 cards is lovingly wrapped in tissue, carefully placed in a hand-made cloth bag (unbleached 100% woven cotton) and packed in a cardboard box for shipping.


Usually ready to dispatch in 2-4 business days


You are purchasing a set of 26 alphabet cards only. No frame or mount is included. Any frames and props in the images are for demonstrative purposes only. The colours of the print may be slightly different in print than on screen

© All the original watercolour artwork has been hand painted and illustrated by Shveta Maini – All Rights Reserved

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    Store:  Mali and Kai
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