The Grief Jar

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The Grief Jar is a heart warming book for children about a little bear’s journey with grief – of human nature and the kindness of friends. The Grief Jar is a 32 page picture book aimed at 3 – 8 years olds (although can be appreciated by children and adults alike)

The story begins with Bear sitting in a room alone with a big heavy jar filled with feelings that he can’t move by himself. His friends want him to come out and play but they can see that he’s sad and don’t know what to do.  Each animal friend comes in to see if they can help, and one by one ask him about his Daddy.  As Bear shares stories about his Daddy, he begins to feel he may be able to lift the jar if he can get a little help from his friends.  They begin to assist him in carrying his jar, coming up with practical ways to make it easier to carry whilst sharing memories of his Daddy.  

The story aims to show that grief is a weight that people carry around with them, and they cannot simply put it down, but family and friends can find ways of helping them carry that grief and make them feel less alone.  Grief can mean tears and sadness, but grief can also mean sharing joyful memories of the person we’ve lost.

The Grief Jar has been printed in the UK by eco conscious printer Deltor



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    Bear and Goose Designs is run by Lynsey Shaw who creates accessories, homewares and decor using as much upcycled fabric as is possible.  She has also created children's books, of which are all printed in the UK with a printer that focuses on making its practices environmentally sustainable. Lynsey's journey to creating sustainable products started as a surface pattern designer.  The amount of waste created whilst making clothes and accessories is staggering so she sought to change this, by using up even the teeniest scraps and creating something beautiful with them. Bear and Goose Designs can be found on Instagram and Facebook
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