Seller Spotlight: Upsadaisy – Where Art Meets Sustainability 🎨🌍

At Cress, we’re thrilled to welcome a new member to our growing family of Sustainable Kids Fashion businesses. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Natasha, the creative force behind Upsadaisy.

1) Why have you decided to join Cress?

I love to be part of a platform that is eco-conscious with sustainable values, and for me to have the opportunity to be part of this community and reach a new audience within this platform.

2) What inspired your business?

Upsadaisy started with offering screen printing and mono print workshops to kids, families and everyone that wanted to join. The different DIY printing techniques like printing with self-made paper stencils and painting directly onto the screen before printing were created on different material including, paper, t-shirts and totes. When the pandemic started and the workshops stopped, I had an idea to transfer these ideas into products and to showcase them in an online shop. Hopefully in the near future the shop and workshops can come together.

3) What is your favourite product of yours?

Out of the different printing techniques, I prefer some of the outcomes of the painterly prints where I paint directly onto the screen before printing. It’s like a mono-type screen print. The rainbow and flowers designs on t-shirts are examples.

4) Do you have any great feedback or memories of children using your products?

I had great feedback from parents of children using my products, that they liked the design and quality of it.

Upsadaisy flower print t-shirt

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More about Upsadaisy: Where Art, Nature, and Magic Collide with Sustainable Kids Fashion

Upsadaisy is a haven for unique designs inspired by art, nature, and magic. Each tee and sweatshirt is individually hand-printed with some boasting a hand-painted finish. The painterly look of each creation is distinctive, making them one-of-a-kind treasures.

Eco-Friendly Commitment: The fabric Natasha prints on is ethically produced, either organic or recycled, and adorned with environmentally friendly inks. It’s a commitment to sustainability that mirrors our values at Cress.

Join Us in Welcoming Upsadaisy! Explore the world of Upsadaisy’s Sustainable Kids Fashion on Cress, where art meets sustainability. Natasha’s creations are not just garments; they’re stories waiting to be told, embraced, cherished and passed along.

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