Spotlight on Little Dot’s Crayons: Where Creativity Meets Sustainability 🌈🖍️

Dive into the vibrant world of sustainable creativity with Little Dot’s Crayons! Founded by the incredible Pippa, this unique business transforms art time into a thrilling adventure for young artists. Read our Spotlight on Little Dot’s Sustainable Crayons with Pippa:

Q: What inspired you to create Little Dot’s Crayons? A: “My own little dot inspired my business. I’d recently returned to work after maternity leave, and it just wasn’t the same. I’ve always been creative, so when I learned about crayon making, I just knew I had to try it, and the rest is history!”

Q: Why sell on Cress? A: “I have decided to join Cress because I love their ethos, their passion for sustainability, and their amazing clothes initiative.”

Q: Any favourite crayon shapes in your collection? A: “My current favourite product has to be the Polar Bear crayon set – I just love it! But my absolute favourite sets to make are my name sets.”

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Why Little Dot’s Crayons?

  • Sustainable Art: Each crayon is crafted with a commitment to the environment, made using non-toxic materials and are UKCA certified.
  • Creative Expression: From polar bears to Santa, the crayon shapes ignite imagination, making art not just a pastime but a magical experience.
  • Cress Partnership: Pippa chose to collaborate with Cress due to its unwavering dedication to sustainability and a shared passion for making a difference in the world.

Join the movement of supporting creativity and sustainability with LittleDotsCrayons! 🌍🖌️ Explore the collection on Cress and be part of a community that values eco-friendly crafts and creative expression.

Check out Little Dot’s Crayons website here

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