PTA’s X CRESS – Showcasing one of our school partnerships.

Here at Cress, Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about giving back to our local communities, putting money into the things that matter to parents. We are also huge believer in children having equal opportunities and access to clothes, books, uniforms that fit and sports. We are trying our best to remove as many barriers to accessing this as we can.

Kat from Cress with members of the Cavendish PTA on drop off day

One of those is working with school PTA’s to raise money for the school in a sustainable way. We first met with Sian, chair of Cavendish Community School earlier this year and shared Cress and our vision of working with schools to raise money. The PTA at Cavendish have always been forward thinking in terms of raising funds, with no plastics and creating amazing community events such as fireworks displays, bonfires, summer fairs and getting involved in locals projects so they were on board and supportive of our vision.

We arranged a collection of uniform and preloved items from the school. 100% of the sale of uniforms goes directly to the PTA, and 60% of the other items collected goes to the PTA (just like our other golden service shops).


Images below are of our surprisingly full office and the team organising the items ready to upload

We circulated a poster around the school for a collection day and were blown away by the response. We received over 1000 items from the parents at the school which is absolutely incredible!  As this was our first collection, we were not expecting the amount and took a fair few trips to the office to drop off the items. Our team sorted, steamed, photographed and uploaded the items over the next few weeks. The shops look great online and it’s a great opportunity to teach our school children about passing items on, buying sustainably and how the circular economy works. The children have loved seeing their items in the school shops, and knowing their items are being sold nationwide to other children is fantastic.

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