Sell With Us

How does it work?

  • Request your postage bags here 👈


  • Create your shop account in 60 seconds ready for us to upload here 👈


  • Send your full postage bags back to us – this is the only thing you pay for 🌟


  • We’ll receive your items and get them steamed, uploaded 📷


  • Ready for payment? When your item sells we’ll ship the item to the buyer and you will get paid automatically 📦
Want to do it yourself?

Create your shop account in 60 seconds here 👈

Snap your photos 📷

Set A price 💚 

Post your item when your sells 📦


Whats is Cress?

The Golden Service is a service that we offer for busy parents that don’t have the time to upload and photograph items, respond to customer questions and post their parcels. All that you need to do is give us a message by on to start the chat. Empty your kids’ wardrobes, pop the clothing into a box or bag and post it to us. We’ll take care of the rest and you’ll receive 60% of each sale whenever an item sells. 

Do you accept footwear?

Yes we accept all types of children’s footwear.

What is the cost?

The Golden Service is free to use. You will need to pay the postage to send your items to us but that is your only expense.

What is the commission and are there any hidden fees?

When an item of your clothing sells via the Golden Service,  you will automatically receive 60% of the sale price into your bank account a couple of day later. There are no hidden fees, our commission covers all bank charges, logistics and marketing costs.

What is my items don't sell?

We constantly review items and may slightly change pricing of items at any time. After 6 months of having items unsold, we will do a full review. This means that we may need to change the items price, add it to a bundle or relist. If the item still has no traction, we will then look to either donate the item to a family in need or recycling scheme or send the item back to you.

FAQ Title

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How are items prices decided?

Prices are decided on factors such as; condition, original RRP, demand and the going market rate across the rest of the internet.

Who decides how items are bundled?

Items that are bundled tend to be smaller lower value items such as baby bodysuits or sleepsuits or t-shirts. This makes the listing more appealing to potential buyers.