Seller Spotlight: Meet Double Denim Kids – Repurposed and Restyled Denim

We’re so excited to welcome our latest addition to the Cress family: Double Denim Kids, a brand that’s bringing you fashionable denim children’s wear with a sustainable twist. Let’s dive into a revealing Q&A session with Kerri, the creative founder behind Double Denim Kids:

Why Cress? “I was inspired to join Cress by their genuine commitment to sustainability. Not only are they working to give the customer a more environmentally friendly option, but they are also encouraging the brands they work with to be as sustainable as possible.”

What Inspired Your Business? “I started making children’s wear after I had kids of my own and couldn’t find the kind of quirky, comfy, and robust clothes I wanted for them. The high street offer was often poor quality and unoriginal. I wanted clothes that were practical and hardwearing, to withstand all the kid’s rough use and adventures, but that were fun and individual too! Sustainability and recycling seemed like an obvious route to choose.”

What Is Your Favourite Product? “My favourite Double Denim product is the upcycled fringe denim jacket. I try to source the coolest vintage jackets and add some colour and originality with recycled rainbow fringing. It makes for a really special, one-of-a-kind item that brightens up any outfit!”

Do You Have Any Great Feedback or Memories of Children Using Your Products? “I love it when I get feedback about the fantastic quality of my handmade items. It is so rewarding when my customers can see the benefits that come from buying from a small business rather than a big brand.”

About Double Denim Kids: Founded by Kerri, a Mum on a mission to create quirky, comfy, and robust clothing for kids, Double Denim Kids is changing the game in children’s fashion. Kerri’s journey began with a desire for practical yet stylish attire for her own children, leading her to create unique pieces using discarded denim and vintage fabrics.

Double Denim Kids offers a range of sustainably crafted garments, each designed to withstand the riggous of childhood while making a bold fashion statement. From upcycled fringe denim jackets to playful dungarees, every item is handmade with love and care, ensuring both quality and longevity.

Join us in welcoming Double Denim Kids to Cress and explore their collection of eco-friendly, fashion-forward children’s wear. Let’s dress our little ones in style while making a positive impact on the planet! 🌱✨

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