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Releasing Autumn/Winter 23 – Cress Sustainable Clothing by Ola Akinlade

In-House Sustainable Clothing Line

In our pursuit of sustainability, we are proud to be developing our own range of sustainable kids’ clothing. With a focus on fun and innovative design, our clothing line aims to make environmentally friendly choices both accessible and exciting for young ones.

The clothes in the line will be made up of materials such as recycled plastic bottles, recycled fabrics and organic cotton. The clothing will be produced in Sheffield, UK.

About Ola Akinlade

Our Creative Director, Ola Akinlade owner of BVL Designs and AP Creative Studios, is a talented young designer creating waves in the industry from his studio in Leeds.

A self-taught designer, Ola embarked on his art and design journey during the lockdown, and it has been an exhilarating ride ever since. His journey initially revolved around customising various pairs of shoes with an array of mediums. It’s provided fantastic opportunities to work with brands and celebrities such as Adidas, size? Converse, EA, My Protein and even collaborate with Microsoft and LADbible.

Ola has a creative studio space in Leeds, where he designs and develops campaigns for fashion and event businesses, including lookbooks, eco, and editorial campaigns.