Spotlight on Chilly Billy Cashmere: Super Sustainable Recycled Cashmere Accessories

Recycled Cashmere children's shoes and hat set. Spotlight on Chilly Billy Cashmere

Spotlight on Chilly Billy Cashmere

Take a journey into the sustainable cosy world of Chilly Billy Cashmere! Founded by Kirsty, this super sustainable business does not waste a scrap and even powers her sewing machine with solar panels. Read our Spotlight on Chilly Billy Cashmere with founder Kirsty:

Q: What inspired you to create Chilly Billy Cashmere?

“My dad loved a cashmere jumper and his grandchildren loved snuggling up to his cosy cashmere for bedtime stories. When he passed away, it didn’t feel right to donate the jumpers to a charity shop. Instead, I turned them into cosy fingerless gloves for the family to wear and remember. Soon friends and family started to ask if I could make them fingerless gloves too, followed by wrist-warmers, snoods, bed socks, mittens and then, kids and baby items.”

Q: Why sell on Cress?

“Sustainability is at the heart of my business and finding retail partners with the same ethics and values can be difficult. I absolutely love the Cress concept. As a mum of two daughters, I am all too familiar with endless need for new sizes of clothing for my growing girls, it’s an expensive process with a big environmental impact. Having a online retailer that allows you to buy and sell preloved kids clothing or buy new items from brands who have sustainability as part of their DNA, is a fantastic idea. Here at Chilly Billy Cashmere I try to minimise the environmental impact of every stage of production and distribution. From choosing recycled paper packaging to powering my sewing machine from solar panels, the aim is always to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Q: Any favourite product of yours? A:

“There are too many to choose! Though, if pushed, I think I do have a favourite. Whilst they are by far the fiddliest and most time consuming to make, my baby booties are the cutest thing on this planet, (fact!), and make me long for those newborn baby days of long ago. They are so adorable that, when I sell at Christmas markets, I have them displayed hanging from a little Christmas tree like adorable, snuggly soft baubles. They are a real crowd pleaser bringing lots of people to my stall cooing at their cuteness!”

Q: Do you have any great feedback or memories of children using your products? A:

“Kids absolutely love the soft, lightweight feel of cashmere which one child announced felt “as soft as a puppies ears!”. I find that once someone has bought one Chilly Billy product, they are likely to keep coming back for more and more! Because they are made of such luxurious materials, my baby items are often bought as a gift from loving friends and family who they find themselves coming back for additional items to match.”

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Join the movement of supporting sustainability AND COSYNESS with Chilly Billy Cashmere 🌍 Explore their collection on Cress and be part of a community that values making sustainable parenting easy.

I’m often asked about the name and logo, which features an image of a goat’s head. Well,
you may not be aware, but the exceptionally soft cashmere wool comes from the neck of
the goat. So, I named the business after the (Chilly) Billy goat!

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Chilly Billy Cashmere. Spotlight on Chilly Billy Cashmere

Sustainable. Ethical. Lovable.

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